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Dr. Noya provides adjustments and care to help improve the posture of his patients from the Tenlytown, Washington D.C. Metro area. Poor posture has a variety detrimental effects on overall health and wellbeing. Make an appointment at Noya Chiropractic today to start your journey towards better health.  

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Is the neck vulnerable to injury?

The neck is more vulnerable to injury than other areas of the spine because it has little support and is not connected to other skeletal components like the ribs or pelvis. The neck is also the only support for the head (which weighs about 12 pounds in most adults) and is also a highly flexible area. These factors increase the risk of neck pain from injuries like whiplash, poor posture, or even a sleeping position in which the neck is not properly supported.

What causes neck pain?

Whiplash injuries where the neck is thrown back and forth — as in an auto accident — often result in neck pain. Other neck injuries like diving accidents or falls may also be factors in neck pain. Spinal degeneration, arthritis, and even poor posture may cause neck pain. For example, when your head is constantly tilted down to look at your phone or tablet, it causes stress on the neck muscles and can result in spasm, muscle tension, and pain.

Why do I have both neck and shoulder pain?

The neck and shoulder share some nerve pathways, so the brain can’t always tell where a pain signal originated. Even when the problem is in the neck, the shoulder may hurt, and vice versa. The shoulders are so close to the neck that neck pain can cause the patient to limit shoulder motion, which may cause tension and stiffness. Some of the shoulder muscles actually attach to bones (vertebrae) in the lower part of the neck. The combination of all these factors means that neck and shoulder pain often co-exist.

How is neck pain treated?

Dr. Noya provides relief from the pain as well as diagnosing the root cause of the pain. Many patients may suffer from neck pain that is transferred from a misalignment elsewhere in the body. A chiropractic adjustment can correct a spinal alignment problem, but in many cases, there is more than one factor involved in neck pain. Poor posture can contribute to neck pain, and if it is a long-standing habit, may have contributed to the alignment problem in the first place. Solving the problem means correcting the postural problems with exercise, body alignment awareness, and consideration to factors like sleeping position.


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